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This page lists changes to the Advanced API. The current version is 2.11. This versioning scheme has been introduced in [1].

Version 2.11[edit]

Version 2.10[edit]

  • added Authentication API [2]
  • added Device Synchronization API [3]
  • added Podcast Lists API [4]
  • added include_actions parameter to Device Update API [5]

Version 2.9[edit]

  • added XML format to some Simple API requests [6] [7]

Version 2.8[edit]

  • added JSONP as a format to Simple API requests [8]

Version 2.7[edit]

Version 2.6[edit]

Version 2.5[edit]

Version 2.4[edit]

Version 2.3[edit]

Version 2.2[edit]

Version 2.1[edit]

Version 2.0[edit]