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This page lists all tasks that have to be done for a gPodder release.

Testing and release management in the repository[edit]

All tests carried out here should be following the Functional tests instructions.

  • Run make messages and then do German translation
  • Test if gPodder works for normal and first-time use cases:
   # ... test if basic usage works with current data ...
   mv ~/gPodder ~/gPodder.saved
   # ... test gPodder (subscribing + downloading) ...
   rm -rf ~/gPodder
   mv ~/gPodder.saved ~/gPodder
  • Update src/gpodder/ with new version number, release date and release name
  • Update share/gpodder/credits.txt from the Git history
   git log gpodder-x.y.(z-1).. | git shortlog | grep -v '^[ ]' | sort -u | sed -e 's/\(.*\) ([^)]*):/\1/g'
  • Update translations and manpage:
   make messages
   make manpage
  • Make sure manpages have the correct version in their headings:
   man share/man/man1/gpodder.1
   man share/man/man1/gpo.1

Release notes/website work[edit]

Debian package[edit]

  • Notify Debian packager that a new release is available: tony on mancill dot com

MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan package[edit]

Just in Git, releases are now auto-built:

git checkout harmattan
git merge gpodder-x.y.z
dch -i    # Make sure version (x.y.z), distro (harmattan) and author name/email are correct
git ci -a -m "gPodder x.y.z for Harmattan"
git tag harmattan/gpodder_x.y.z
git push origin harmattan
git push --tags

Test package on development device.

  1. Upload to
  2. Upload to
  3. Update downloads page