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"What we did"[edit]

  • thp: fixed bug 1711
  • thp: shownotes window now integrated into main window
  • thp: merge pull request from bernd (api module)
  • thp: discuss extension mandatory-ness / unity default integration with brot
  • skoegl: restructure API docs: [1]
  • skoegl: many small bugfixes
  • skoegl: UI refinements
  • brot: remove old module
  • brot: improving the extension system (extension categories, new metadata options)
  • brot: discuss extension mandatory-ness / unity default integration with thp
  • horrendus: provide caffeinated drinks to the other hackers
  • horrendus: restructure web service libraries document: [2]
  • horrendus: add Config class to libmygpo-qt so access (and set) different config options (e.g. version number, api endpoint, ...) programmatically

Hacking Project Ideas[edit]


Small Bugs[edit]

  • Server Device Type in doesn't have or doesn't show an icon (done [3])
  • Dates in podcast overview ( should use   instead of normal spaces to avoid wrapping (done [4])
  • Show "Synchronize" Dialog on also additionally in "Configure Device" (done [5])
  • [6] is not really "correct". Episode Action Play requires: a) no attributes or b) only position attribute or c) position, started & total attribute. Change Documentation.

Bug Backlog[edit]


  • Podmarker (siehe Podlove Mailingliste)