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Extensions are gPodder's mechanism for adding optional features and allowing easy customizability. Some extensions are already activated by default if you are running a specific environment (e.g. Ubuntu Unity support in gPodder 3 is implemented as an extension).

Default Extensions Included With gPodder[edit]

The following extensions are included with gPodder 3:

  • Audio Converter - Transcode audio files to mp3/ogg
  • Enqueue in media players - Add a context menu item for enqueueing episodes in installed media players
  • Gtk Status Icon - Show a status icon for Gtk-based Desktops
  • Minimize on start - Minimizes the gPodder window on startup.
  • Normalize audio with re-encoding - Normalize the volume of audio files with normalize-audio
  • Gtk+ Desktop Notifications - Display notification bubbles for different events.
  • Notification Bubbles for Windows - 'Display notification bubbles for different events. (added in git master branch)
  • Rename episodes after download - Rename episodes to "<Episode Title>.<ext>" on download
  • Remove cover art from OGG files - removes coverart from all downloaded ogg files
  • Convert video files to MP4 for Rockbox - Converts all videos to a Rockbox-compatible format
  • Sonos - Stream podcasts to Sonos speakers
  • Tag downloaded files using Mutagen - Add episode and podcast titles to MP3/OGG tags
  • Taskbar Progress - Displays the progress on the Windows taskbar
  • Subtitle Downloader for TED Talks - Downloads .srt subtitles for TED Talks Videos
  • Ubuntu App Indicator - Show a status indicator in the top bar.
  • Ubuntu Unity Integration - Show download progress in the Unity Launcher icon.
  • Search for new episodes on startup - Starts the search for new episodes on startup
  • Video Converter - Transcode video files to avi/mp4/m4v
  • MPRIS Listener - listen to notifications from MPRIS-capable players and translate them to gPodder's Media Player D-Bus API

How To Write Your Own Extension[edit]


hello world extension example